We wanted to tell you what we are most thankful for this year.


Without YOU, we don’t have an outlet for baring our souls and sharing our stories.

Without YOU, we don’t have a job!

Without YOU, we wouldn’t have an extended network of friends who feel like family, that we love spending time with, and that has our back at a moment’s notice if we ever need ANYTHING.  (Special thanks to MVP Don Chambers last week for helping us out – twice!)

We appreciate it when you drive to our shows from really far away.

We love it when you ask us to play your favorite song, and we are so THANKFUL that it has meaning for you.

We want to thank all of our friends who open up their homes and do all the HARD WORK of hosting events, not just for us, but for all our musical bothers and sisters on the road too, and don’t expect anything other than a great show.  We appreciate your generosity, kindness, warm beds, hot tubs, and breakfast casseroles!

Gotta run, headed to T-bone Tom’s tonight and we are still in Louisiana.