Howdy gang –

We are en route to Alabama this week from Florida, where we just finished up our 7th Meeting of the Minds!  What a great week!

While we were camping at Leo’s Campground my son Wyatt called me and said, “Dad, you need to go fishing while you are in Key West!” He suggested using bread to fish with, first throwing some out in the water and then balling some up and putting it on the hook. Well, I didn’t get a single bite, but I DID attract some critters with the bread. They even knocked over the Fresca I was drinking and licked it up! At one point I counted 15 iguanas nearby.

So this week we are headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and 8 shows in a row. I’m writing this in Wildwood, FL just South of Ocala. Here’s our line up for this week and beyond, Radio Margaritaville’s Matt Hoggatt joins us Nov 10 in Navarre at Juana’s Pagodas.

We have some great new items in the Thom and Coley Store! New Saltwater Cowboy ball caps and 12″ x 18″ flags, and FINALLY some “I Wasn’t Gonna Drink Today” ladies tanks in PINK! (and yes, they are in REAL WOMEN sizes this time!)